Thursday, September 01, 2011



"I have called you to set free those who are living under the crushing weight of guilt! I have called you to proclaim freedom for the captives! I have called you to declare My love for sinners!

"But you have declared judgment instead! You have tried to convict the world and prove their sinfulness! You have made 'law' into the way to Me instead of My Son! You have tried to place a yoke on people too heavy to bear, and then you judge them again when they refuse to wear it! I have given you the ministry of liberating captives, but you have traded it for the ministry of conviction and condemnation!

"It is My Spirit that convicts people of their sins, not you! My Spirit does not need to minister death and condemnation in order to lead people to repentance! I desire you to call out with My Spirit, 'Come, you who are thirsty, and take for free the gift of the water of life!' I have not called you to put a price on My grace; I have not called you to put the yoke of the law on people in order to set them free from it! My own goodness and My Son's death on the Cross will set them free from their guilt and their sins!"


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