Friday, September 30, 2011

Revealed Through Children

"Revealed Through Children"

"Trust My love. I am your Father. When you are accused of being negative and critical, when you are called rebellious and unsubmissive, rest in My love. I am your Father. I love you and accept you. Remember that I am holding you and I won't let you go. Many things will change in your life as you live in the call I have placed upon you, and many spiritual fathers will try to discipline you because they do not want Me to interfere with their houses. But My love for you will never change.

"I am coming to My people even though many are held tightly by spirits of control. I will come through My prophets—who will be mere children in the eyes of the religious, but who will be My chosen messengers—to confound the wisdom of the wise, to expose man-made rules, to lay bare the deceptions of the enemy, and to call My people to the simplicity of My love in My Son."


Art link: "Father's Love"

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