Friday, September 23, 2011

Ministry to the Nation

"In ancient times there was a country which was given righteous laws and leaders.
In every part of society the Name of the Lord was acknowledged and honored. Rebellion against My ways was quickly removed, and the righteous were vindicated
by miraculous signs and wonders. My people were blessed, prosperous,
and were exalted above all other nations.

"But the more I called them, the further their hearts went from Me, and their sins
became so detestable that they made their godless neighbors look righteous.
So I disciplined and punished them severely. Then I brought them back to their land,
but they turned away from Me again. Last of all I sent My Son to them,
but in the name of protecting My laws and My Name, they crucified Him.

"For I did not give the Law of Moses for the sake of creating a righteous society,
but for the sake of exposing sin to the world. The law could not heal My people,
nor could it protect them from sin and judgment. Acknowledging My Name and authority could not produce a people who turned to Me in their hearts, but instead a people whose lips spoke My Name but whose hearts worshiped their own gods.

"Why have My people returned to putting their hope in the Law of sin and condemnation? Why are My people fighting for My Name to be acknowledged by their governments and for their laws to conform to the Old Covenant?
Why are My people trying to convert the nations to the ministry of death?

"Didn't I say you were to be ministers of the New Covenant?
Did I make you sufficient to minister the Old?
If Moses could not do it, why are you trying to?

"In all of your preaching about the liberalization and secularization of your countries,
where is the gospel of My Son? Where are the blessings He spoke to the poor,
to the peacemaker and to the weak?

"My grace is life and light in the darkness of the world,
but the Law is the ministry that condemns and brings death.
Come out of the shadows and back into the light, My people!"


Art: "The Way"

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