Monday, September 26, 2011

The Heart of God

"The Heart of God"

"I have shown My heart to the world on the Cross! There is no other 'key' to bringing My kingdom than to share My heart—that I loved you so much I gave you My Son on the Cross! Look! Look at the Cross! I gave My Son for every tribe, tongue and nation! I gave My Son for the healing of the nations!

"Yet many of My people are going here and there searching for 'keys' to bring 'revival'! One group prays this way, another group prays in a different way. One group says 'spiritual warfare' must be done first, another group says 24-hour prayer must be done. One group says 'declarations' must be made from various places, another group says prophesying must be done. One group says worshiping harder will 'bring revival' and others say that praying for Israel is the key.

"For these are the days when many are running here and there for knowledge but do not know that I have hidden all knowledge in My Son, Jesus Christ. All the treasures of My wisdom are in My Son given to you on the Cross. Nevertheless many among you will continue to look for 'deeper secrets', 'revelations', miraculous signs and wonders.

"Yet those who behold My heart in the Cross will be filled with My love—My love for My Son and My love for every tribe, tongue and nation. And as you share My heart—My Son crucified—I will draw all people to Myself."

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