Friday, April 27, 2012

Running To And Fro

"You wearied yourself by such going about,
but you would not say it was hopeless.
You found renewal of your strength,
and so you did not faint.
Whom have you so dreaded and feared
that you have been false to Me,
and have neither remembered Me
nor pondered this in your hearts?
Is it not because I have long been silent
that you do not fear Me?"
(Isaiah 57:10-11)

"The prophecies of Daniel are sealed until the appointed time;
only the Lamb who was slain has been found worthy to unseal the scroll.
Therefore no amount of study, research, historical investigation or
even prayer for understanding can lead you to the correct interpretation.

"If you do not wait on My timing,
the interpretations you arrive at
will draw you away from My Spirit—
who is your seal for the day of redemption.

"My children, I know you are afraid
of not understanding the time of the end.
I know you seek to understand Daniel's prophecies
because you want to be among 'those who are wise.'

"My beloved, do not be afraid!
I have made Christ Jesus to be your wisdom!
You shine like stars in the heavens
as you hold onto My Son—the Word of life!"

"I tell you the truth, whoever hears My word
and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life
and will not be condemned, but has
crossed over from death to life."
(John 5:24)


Art: "Studying to Become Worthy"

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  1. Hi bro... greetings from Belfast :-)heres some of my thoughts on this topic..Why do we think God wrote the book of Daniel if it wasn't meant to be understood to some degree in each age? I am aware that the Jews put a curse on anyone who tried to understand the time prophecies in Daniel 9 I think it was, because the prophecies so clearly point to the Messiah and him being cut off in the midst of the week. There has to be a correct interpretation and the lamb of God is a sharer and revealer, he doesn't keep prophecies to himself. I know there are many opinions on these matters, but that should not deter us from taking the time to study and show ourselves aprroved.. ~:)

    Yah bless... I was at a new art gallery in belfast today, that opened.. and I was thinking you would love this... come to Ireland soon ~:)


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