Tuesday, April 03, 2012

'Taking Dominion'

"Many who proclaim My name do not know Me!
Many who are zealous for 'the lion' do not know the Lamb!
Many who think they are defending Me and My ways
do not know My heart or My commands.

"Is the kingdom advanced by defeating those who seem to be its enemies?
I died for My enemies on the Cross.

"Is My word established when those who do not believe it are silenced?
I came to call unbelievers to fellowship with Me—
not to be imprisoned until they confess.

"Is My hand so shortened that I need My people to 'take dominion'
over the kingdoms of the earth so that I may come and reign?
My kingdom is not won as the kingdoms of the earth are—
I am He who defeated all principalities and powers on the Cross.

"Do not crucify Me by fighting to destroy those for whom I died!"


Art: "Taking the Kingdom"

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