Saturday, April 21, 2012

Knowing the Spirit

"Knowing the Spirit"

"I am the Spirit of God.
I am He who comes from the throne of the Father
through the pierced side of the Son.

"I am He who ministers the gospel to your heart.
I am He who testifies of the fullness of God
given to you freely in Christ Jesus.

"I am He who brings healing and miracles to testify
to the healing and miracle of your salvation on the Cross.
I am He who gives joy and peace not of this world,
and I am He who grieves for those who reject My heart.

"I am God; I am a Person!
I am not an 'it' or a 'level'!
I am not a 'flow' or a 'move'!
I am not a power or 'anointing'
that you can attain or wield!

"I cannot be 'released,' controlled
or 'activated' by principles or rituals.
I move according to the will of God
when He chooses to act in the proper time.

"If you treat Me in these ways,
I will be of no benefit to your soul.
I can glorify God by working through you,
but this does not mean that you know Me.
I am not a substitute for following Christ.

"Do not follow a lifeless image of Me!
Let go of your 'advanced' teachings!
Become a child again, content in Jesus alone!
Stop seeking 'things' and 'more power'!
Listen to My heart—the testimony of Christ!"


Art: "All For You"

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