Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Word For Israel

"I know you feel as if you are surrounded by enemies.
I know you want to live in peace and without terror.

"Long ago your forefathers called upon the Lord to deliver them.
The Lord sent them prophets to reveal His word,
to call the people to remember His faithfulness and His mercy.
If the people turned to Him with their mouths but not with their hearts,
He allowed the people to be oppressed by their enemies.
He remained committed to His people whether they returned to Him or not,
and suffered with them when they suffered.

"So much did He love them that He sent them a Savior—
one who would deliver them from their waywardness and sins.
It was not enough to save them from their flesh-and-blood enemies—
the Lord made new hearts for them and a new covenant
based on His righteousness rather than on theirs.

"I have prepared a kingdom for you,
which cannot be shaken or destroyed.
I have given you the King and Savior
that you and your forefathers cried out for—
the Son of David, who died to take away your sins
and who now sits on the throne in heaven.
In Him you may have peace
whether or not you are oppressed by terror or conflict.

"I am your deliverance.
In Me you have an imperishable promised land
and a city kept for you in heaven—the New Jerusalem.
To inherit what I have prepared for you,
you must be willing to lose your old kingdom.

"I will be your peace, and I will give you rest."


Art: "God is Love" (after A.H.)

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