Sunday, April 22, 2012

"I Want to be Valued for My Heart!"

"Many of My people are not interested in My heart.
Many want Me only for the power that I have,
for the inheritance that comes with Me,
and for the glory of My appearance.
I am valued for My attractive favors!

"Many want to boast in My name and in My exaltation,
but not to humble themselves to love those whom I love—
the poor, the outcast, the 'lowest' of society, and your enemies.
Many want Me because of the things I can do for them
more than to share in My love and give it to others.

"Will you value Me for My heart?
Will you look past My appearance to get to know who I am?
Will you come to Me only for yourselves
—loving My power and possessions—
or will you fall in love with My heart?"


Art: "Touching His Heart"

1 comment:

  1. To know Jesus as He is; to increase in the knowledge of His heart is to know life and know love. In the revelation of His heart, we ourselves are revealed. We see each others hearts and we grow in loving each other as Jesus loves us.


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