Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Heart of the Master

"Will you ask Me to know My heart?
Can I share the burdens of My heart with you?
Shall I open My mouth and confide in you?

"In My Son I have poured out My all!
In My Son I have given you Him who is My very heart!
In My Son I have laid bare My soul!

"But many of My people consider My Son to be just
the name I want you to profess and call yourselves by.
Many of you set aside His teaching and want Him
only to be the sacrifice that saves you
—not your Master and Teacher.

"Many of you call Him 'Lord' but do not listen to Him;
many of you love His name but not His command
to love each other as He loved you.
Many of you prefer to live richly in the world
rather than to follow My Son.

"Do you want to receive My heart?
Listen to My Son!"


Art link: "Receive My Loving Fire"

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