Tuesday, April 03, 2012

False Prophecies

"False prophecies!
False prophecies have replaced My prophecies
among many of My people!

"My people are not taught to look to My Son
but to the interpretations of men!
My people are taught to see harbingers of judgment
in prophecies that have already been fulfilled,
and prophetic importance in things not found in My words.

"The eyes of many are wholly focused
on Israel, Muslims, America, politics,
and the timetable of 'end-times events'
created by the interpretations of men.

"This is what 'prophecy' means to many among My people!
The testimony of My Son is not the spirit
of what 'prophecy' means to them.
My testimony is set aside,
and in its place are offered
the deceptions of the enemy."


Art: "Missing the Spirit"

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