Monday, April 16, 2012

Expecting a Different Messiah

"He came to that which was His own,
but His own did not receive Him."
(John 1:11)

"I am waiting to speak to My people!
I am waiting to testify about the meaning of the days in which you live.
I am waiting to show you that you do not need to be afraid,
because I have won the victory for you on the Cross.

"But My voice cannot be heard by many because
false prophets have taught My people confusion and fear.
My people are taught to rely on charts and 'proofs'
instead of relying on My word.

"Many of My people cannot recognize My voice because
they have been taught to expect Me to affirm cherished beliefs.
If I speak, I am told that I am not agreeing
with My own testimony and that I am contradicting My word.

"As most of 'My own' looked for Me to fulfill their expected signs,
so today most in 'My house' expect Me to do the same.
As I was not recognized by 'My own' when I came into the world,
so today 'My house' will not recognize the signs of My coming,
for I am not coming in the way they expect!

"As I was brought to the Sanhedrin by those
who had already made their decision,
so again I—in My prophets—will be judged by those
who have already decided that I must agree with their beliefs.
As My word was disregarded by 'My own,'
so My word will be disregarded by 'My house.'

"Most of 'My own' did not hear Me because
they expected a different kind of Messiah.
So again today, most of 'My house' cannot hear Me
because they are expecting a different 'Jesus.'"


Art: "Judged"

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