Thursday, April 05, 2012


"Many among My people are proclaiming coming judgment
and that nations must remove sin and sinners to avoid it.
My people are taught that I am about to judge them because
sin dwells in their land and My name is not honored enough.
Harbingers preach that I desire their nations to have governments
and laws that acknowledge Me and give special favor to My people.
They call their nations to repentance for tolerating sin
and for not honoring My name.

"Where is My Son in their witness?
Where is the gospel of My grace to you in Him?
Why is 'judgment' preached according
to the terms of the old covenant?

"Misjudgment! Misjudgment!
You have not understood My heart!
You have not understood My desire!
You have not understood that My jealousy is
for sinners, not for sinlessness!

"You have taught My people error!
You have proclaimed that I desire their righteousness,
when the truth is that only My Son's righteousness saves!
You proclaim that I require the nation to honor My name,
but My commandment is that you must love one another!

"I am not the foundation of your teaching!
My Son is not the cornerstone of your declarations of judgment!
My Spirit is not the spirit of your prophecies!
I am calling you to return to the new covenant,
and to preach the gospel of My grace!"


Art: "Laying Errors"

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