Saturday, April 28, 2012

In Fear of the Antichrist

"If you are seeking to discover 'the identity of the antichrist'
then part of you does not yet know Christ
that the Christ is your salvation
instead of your knowledge of the end times.
Eternal life is in knowing Me and My Son,
not in knowing 'the antichrist.'

"I am your rock—today and in the end times.
If you are still searching for other 'rocks,'
then you do not know for sure that I am your rock
and that I will protect you.

"Do not be afraid! I am He who will hold you
and who will protect you in the darkness.
Do not waste your time striving in fear
to recognize 'the antichrist,'
but know My hand instead."


Art: "Healing the Past"

1 comment:

  1. Dear Editor,

    I see no difficulty in identifying the antichrist, anti-Christian TODAY.

    It's not a question of fear, is to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters persecuted and killed for it "Antichristian" today, worldwide.


    Christians being beaten and burned alive in Ivory Coast




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