Friday, April 20, 2012

Seeking the 'Secrets' of Prophecy

"My children, I have not called you to study and search
to understand the 'secrets' of prophecies.
I have already revealed My hidden mystery to you—My Son!

"My prophetic words were recorded for you
so you might see that I am He who holds the future,
and that I have given you all things in My Son.
My Son is your anchor in the last days—
not your ability to 'decipher' the prophecies!

"Like Anna and Simeon, I am calling you to wait on Me
and to spend your days resting in Me.
I will reveal when it is time to reveal;
who can open what I have sealed before the proper time?
Be content trusting in My love for you,
for I will not give you anything harmful for you,
nor will I withhold what I know would benefit you.

"I have lavished upon you all of the riches
of wisdom and understanding in My Son;
if you seek the 'secrets' of prophecy,
you will miss My Son just as 'His own' did not
recognize or receive Him when He came to reveal Himself."


Art: "Emmaus"

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