Friday, April 20, 2012

Choose Your Covenant.

"Look, a choice is set before you:
My word is not the promise of the salvation of 'church';
My word is the promise of the salvation of people.
I am not promising to save your meetings;
I am able to shepherd My people with or without
your building and its weekly services.

"I did not make My gospel dependent
on having a sanctuary and a service—
that was the old covenant temple.
I do not dwell in sacred times or sacred places any longer—
instead, today I dwell in each of My people;
and where two or three gather in My name,
I give to each one a revelation of Myself
which can be shared as you minister to one another.

"I am calling you to choose
which covenant you want to live in:
the old or the new covenant—
Christ or Moses.
If you choose the new covenant,
you must not cling to the articles
of the old covenant for survival.
You must trust Me instead.
As I kept My church in the beginning,
so I will keep you."


Art: "My Place of Rest"

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