Monday, May 16, 2011

"All I Want is You"
(No Magical Spiritual Words Necessary)

"You don't have to do anything special to bring Me near.
You don't need a special spiritual password
or magic way to call upon Me.
There is no need to approach Me through stages
in order to 'get into' My presence.

"My Son died on the Cross to break down every
barrier of separation between you and Me,
and I have not given My Spirit in order to bring new
hurdles you must learn before coming to Me.
Living in My Spirit does not mean knowing
nine different ways to enter My presence;
living in My Spirit means living
aware that My Spirit lives in you!
My Son and I have made our home inside of you!

"So why are you still 'approaching' Me as if we lived far apart?
Why are you looking to the 'things of the Spirit'
like a long-distance calling card?

"Yes, at times in the past you have felt Me strongly
when you spoke in tongues, sang a song, spent time in silence, etc.
But when you look to 'find' Me through these,
you put distance between us.

"Just talk to Me! I'm right here!"

"I don't want a lot of words or preamble, I want you!
I want to hear you—I want your heart, that's all!
Don't worry about what you're 'supposed to say'
or about 'how' you have to pray.
Just lay down everything you think you're supposed to do,
and talk to Me.

"You don't need to rush to leave, either.
Praying isn't something I want you to 'do' and then
have you go back to whatever you were doing before.
No, I want you! I want relationship with you!
So please stay and let Me talk to you!
I want to converse with you—
to talk with you and walk with you!
I don't want our talking to be limited to 'prayer time'—
I want you to be My friend all the time!"


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