Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Children's Revelation

"Behold! I am opening the understanding of many among you
about things which have been hidden until now.
The time has come for My people to know
why I gave them the book of Revelation.

"It is time for you to lay down
interpretations that were made in days past,
for they will only lead you astray.
Lay down all systems of eschatology
you have known up to now,
and listen to My Spirit instead.

"Lay down all else but the gospel
of My grace revealed in the Cross,
for the spirit of the prophecy of Revelation
is the testimony of My love for you,
and My command to give agape love
to one another as I have loved you.

"Come to Me as a child—
My gospel is so simple a child can understand,
and indeed I will reveal My thoughts
even to children in these days.
What I shall show you will not be complicated,
but it will be a sword that pierces your own soul.
Yet if you accept and take My heart,
it will become a river of refreshing water to you."


Art: "One Like a Son of Man"

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