Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saved For This Hour

"Saved *For* This Hour"

"Woe! Woe!
Sound the trumpet!
Wake up My people from their sleep!
Wake them up before dread comes upon them!

"False prophets have lured My people to sleep with sweet words,
saying 'You will not go through tribulation
because the Lord will take you away before it comes.'
Therefore My people learn to fear tribulation
and put their faith in error rather than in My protection.
Because false prophets have darkened My counsel and nullified My word,
My people fear darkness in the world
instead of seeing My light behind the clouds.

"Wake up, My people, wake up!
I am coming, riding on the clouds of tribulation!
Wake up! I have called you to give birth to nations—
do not expect to be taken away from labor pains
before the hour of delivery comes!
Do not be foolish virgins, but keep watch!
Even as I came into the world for the Cross,
so I have saved you for this
for this hour that is coming upon the earth
when the world will need you most.

"For the sake of the world that needs you,
I will not spare you this hour."


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