Thursday, May 12, 2011

Many 'Teachings'

Many 'Teachings'

"To Teachers in the Church:

"What have you done to My people? Why are they running here and there to learn from you, buy your books, messages and make offerings to you in order to please Me? Who has taught them to approach Me like this? Who has come between Me and My children offering 'keys' to succor My favor better and get more 'results' out of Me?

"It is you, Teachers! It is you who have abused the pure faith of My innocent children! You have used 'knowledge' to portray a cloud of darkness around them, and then offered the only way out of it by buying your teachings. You have returned My children to the darkness of the old covenant temple and offered your 'knowledge' as the means by which they may dwell with Me inside the veil.

"Woe to you, Teachers! For I have heard the cries of My children and I have sworn by Myself that their cries will not be in vain! Woe to you, if you remain standing between Me and My children in the day when I declare 'Enough!'

"Repent! Even now, repent of your marketing in the temple—My children are My temple!—and confess that you have built upon the foundation with wood, hay and stubble. Repent and proclaim the truth that My children may seek Me directly. Repent and proclaim the truth of the new covenant—that your calling as 'teacher' is not meant to be perpetual but is rather meant to be a temporary support to help My children rest in My arms.

"If you repent of making My children perpetually dependent on your teaching, I will shield you when the time comes for Me to judge My house, and you will survive and your calling will be a blessing in that day. But if you do not repent, when My house is judged, the wood, hay and stubble you have built upon the one foundation (My Son) will come crashing down upon you."


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