Thursday, May 12, 2011

"The Fish Tank" by Hazel Holland

"The Fish Tank" by Hazel Holland

"My Beloved children, some of you have taken the Living Water that flows from Me, and you are trying to control and manage the flow of it by placing it into very large and beautiful 'holding tanks'. From the 'holding tanks' you re-distribute it so that it can be purchased by those who need water to live. But the water you are 'selling' is not always Living Water, but is made to look like Living Water. The plants that you see in the fish tank swaying in the gentle current look like they are growing in the ocean, but they are not. You planted them in a fish tank in order to make the 'tank' look authentic, attractive, and like the real thing.

"My Beloved children, as you look at the cloudy water in the 'tank', you must know that the process of death and decay is already at work. By nature the 'tank' itself brings death. Water that was once alive in the 'tank' will surely die. The whole setup in the 'fish tank' is designed to mimic the reality of the ocean. In the ocean the water cannot stagnate or die, because it is in constant motion. But in this very large 'fish tank' there is no free-flowing water. Instead, water is being 'recycled' through a 'filtering system' that produces tiny air bubbles that is supposed to bring 'life' to the tank environment.

"My Beloved children, My heart is filled with deep sorrow as I see you putting forth every effort to stay alive in such restrictive surroundings. Because of the outward beauty of the 'tank', it is hard for some of you to admit that the water is 'cloudy'. But I see you clinging desperately to the 'air filtering system' trying to swallow tiny air bubbles that come out from the end of the 'air filter' in order to stay alive in the 'tank'. For some of you it seems wrong to dare to say that you feel like you are dying as you struggle to breathe... After all shouldn't you be grateful for this 'air filter' that supplies you with much needed oxygen?

"My Beloved children, I know that you feel very small and insignificant compared to the large and beautiful 'plants' in the 'tank'. I know you believe that the 'air filter' that you so tightly cling to is necessary in order to control and preserve your Life in the 'tank'. But just the opposite is true. The 'air filter' is gradually cutting you off from your true Air Supply. The 'air filter' is preventing you from knowing that there isn’t true Life in the 'tank'. Many of you don’t realize that you are living in a 'fish tank' instead of My 'ocean!' Why are you willing to settle for a substitute instead of the real thing?"
Read the full post by Hazel here on her blog: Sound The Trumpet: "The Fish Tank"

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