Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"Rest in My Arms"

"Rest in My Arms"

The Lord the Saviour is her rest;
On Him she casts her cares;
By faith she leans upon His breast,
And banishes her fears.
- William Gadsby
My beloved,

I know your heart. I know your heart. I know you don't want to upset people. I know you don't want to offend. I know all that you want to do is stay here in My arms, looking into My eyes, singing My praise. And I know that if you want to speak, I know that all you want to do is to tell people about My matchless love and how wonderful I am. I know.

Yet I have called you not only to My arms, but I have called you to share My heart with others. I know it is not always easy. I know you feel alone at times, terribly alone. I know the weight of the things I sometimes tell you to share. I know how they will be received. And I have sent you to speak for Me anyway.

Rest in My arms. Lean upon My breast. I will carry you. I will sustain you. Remember that I know your heart, and I remember your intentions. I know that you love Me, and that you aren't trying to be judgmental, critical or negative. I know that this call on your life sometimes feels like a burden to you.

But I also know the times that you are blessed and enraptured in My love when you see how I bless others through you. And I know that in your heart the bottom line is that you want others to be blessed. So you accepted the call I put on your life, even though you knew it would mean rejection and suffering. You accepted it because you know Me. You know My heart, and you know that My love is worth it. Seeing one more person blessed and overjoyed in My arms is worth it.

Have faith. Remember that I remember. At times you will forget because of the weight of what I share with you, or because of the accusations you will hear from others. Come to me in those times and seek My memory when you have forgotten. Look into My eyes and all else will grow dim.

I am always with you.

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