Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Signs Pointing to Me"

"Why are you so excited about miracles?
Why do you seek after miracles?
Don't you know that miracles are signs pointing to Me?
Why are you coming to Me for miracles?
Why are you coming to the destination
only to ask for signs pointing toward the destination?
Don't you know that you have arrived?

"But among you those who have performed miracles are highly esteemed,
while those who have not are hungry and thirsty to do so.
Among you the measure of how much I am with a person
is counted in miracles, signs and wonders.
Such a person is called 'anointed' and 'empowered',
and everyone is taught to aspire to become such a person.
You have become drunk on the mere idea of displaying miraculous power.
My warning has been set aside that all manner of miracles can be done
even though in the end I may say 'I do not know you'.

"Miracles are not a sign of how close I am to you.
Miracles are not a sign of your 'authority' or 'anointing'.
Miracles are a sign of who I am, not of who you are.
That is why miracles are done in My name, not in yours.

"I love you and I love to bless you,
so you will see miracles in your life and in the lives of others.
But I want you to have Me more than miracles;
I want you to want Me more than you want miracles.

"I performed many, many miracles for My children in ancient Israel,
but they continually turned away from Me.
My heart cries out in pain today
because you have not learned from them:
today you seek miracles above all things
and believe that the 'key' to evangelizing the nations
is to perform miracles with My power.

"Not only have you forgotten the testimony of ancient Israel,
but you have also forgotten how I told you
that the world would know Me and would know you:
by My agape love in you, bringing you together in love.
I did not say that the world would know you or Me
by displays of miraculous power,
but by agape love and by unity in agapge love.

"Seek My love! Seek My heart!
There is no greater way that I draw people to Myself
than through My love seen when I was lifted up on the Cross for all.
Miraculous displays did not draw the nations to Me in the ancient days,
and I did not die on the Cross for you to revert
to hoping for means that I have showed you did not work.
I want you to know My heart seen through My work on the Cross
more than you want to see the might and power of My hand.

"I want you to pursue My heart,
and I want you to pursue the hearts of the nations
more than you seek power to astound their eyes with."


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  1. I have several friends who are always calling me excited about all the miracles God is doing in their lives. In general, I think it is wonderful and sweet, but year after year it does seem they now expect them and consider themselves really close to God--in some special category--because of these miracles constantly happening to them and for them.

    I think there is a danger of us expecting God to "prove" Himself through supernatural interventions as well as thinking others are not as close to Christ because they don't seem to have the divine attention they do.

    And there is also a temptation on those of us who DON'T seem to receive all these miracles to be jealous of those who claim them. (For there is a gift of miracles. But it is a gift for the edification of the church--for others--not ones self.)

    So I am with you on this. God bless Ramone. I love your heart for God!!


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