Thursday, May 12, 2011

"In the Rain, Seek My Heart!"

"In the Rain..."

"To My children in Charismatic movements:

"I know you long for Me. I know you are excited by the apparent moving of My Spirit. I know you have been so excited and so hungry than you have tried to ignore the black rain that you have seen. You have wanted to stay positive, to believe all things, and to become as 'full' of My Spirit as the leaders you have seen on stage.

"But I need you to be honest with Me, with yourselves, and with all who call upon Me. When you see something that is not right, don't ignore it. When leaders tell you to ignore it and use their displays of power as proof, do not follow them. Did I not declare that people could prophesy, work wonders and miracles and yet not be known by Me? Displays of power are not a measure of standing with Me.

"Seek My heart, not My power. Yes, I will work wonders of power among you, but I am calling you to seek My heart above all, for if you do not know My heart then you do not know Me at all, no matter how much 'power' is flowing through you.

"Many have been drinking of this 'rain' for many years, and among you there are many who are parched and thirsty...

"...Seek My Heart!"

"...because the works of My power were never meant as food to satisfy your hunger. The works of My power are not spiritual food; My Son is spiritual food! The 'things of the Spirit' cannot satisfy you, make you grow or mature. That is not the purpose of My Spirit's workings. Rather, My Spirit is given to testify to My Son and that you have all things freely in Him.

"The 'rain' falling in Charismatic movements is mixed: sometimes you see My power, but often you are seeing the working of another power. Very often it is not clear because power itself is seen as the ultimate ends instead of My heart. But when you seek My heart, then you will understand what is of My Spirit and what is not. And when you cannot see the difference, do not worry but simply seek My heart.

"Now is a time of darkness in many churches, when people will not endure sound doctrine but will only permit heard what their itching ears want to hear. Now is a time when My name and My power are spoken of but My heart is broken and ignored. Now is a time when the 'rain' of power is sought and much 'rain' is poured out, but My children are still starving because only My heart can satisfy them.

"Now is a time when storm clouds are gathering over many churches, though the people seeking the 'rain' of power do not discern the dark clouds gathering overhead. My heart is breaking for My children, whose unhealed hearts are crying out before me, whose throats and souls remains parched before Me, whose thirst remains unquenched by the ministry of 'power' that has been presented before them in Charismatic movements.

"I will not allow them to be starved and thirsty forever, nor will I allow My name and My Spirit to be abused forever. I will move against those who have abused My name and My sheep."


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