Monday, May 16, 2011

Not the Whole

"Not the Whole"

"To the prophets:

"I have called you to speak what I give you to speak. And at times I will show you things I have not yet shown to others. But remember that you cannot see the whole, no matter how much I have shown you and given you to speak.

"My word is still Mine even when I have put it in your mouth to speak. My words remain, but your speaking will come to an end. I AM the First Word and the Last Word: the sum of all things. When I come your part will come to an end, and then you must be content to merely be My child. So even now, be content to merely be My child, and do not glory in the part I have given you to speak.

"I am your only glory. I am your only crown. I am the Word made flesh. I am the Head and the Source."

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