Wednesday, May 11, 2011

God's Land

"Is one land holier than another to Me?
Did My Son die to gain land?
Are you not instead My field, My land?

"The nations are My inheritance.
Your neighbors are My inhertance.
Your enemies are My inheritance.

"Your enemies are not My enemies;
they are My priceless treasures!

"Do you think that I am on the 'side' of any nation?
Do you think My Son died to purchase for you
perishable land or ancient dwelling places
reserved for fire and re-creation?

"Behold, I stand in the midst of your battle,
grieving for the wounded and suffering on all sides.
I am not behind your flags or your causes,
but I am calling you out of them.

"Come, join Me.
Learn of My heart
and value what I value."


Art: "God's Land"

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