Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hikikomori Church

"Hikikomori Church"

Hikikomori, (literally "pulling away, being confined", i.e., "acute social withdrawal") is a Japanese term to refer to the phenomenon of reclusive people who refuse to leave their house, and isolate themselves from society in their homes for prolonged periods, sometimes measured in years. While many people feel the pressures of the outside world, hikikomori react by complete social withdrawal. (Source: Wikipedia)
"My bride is a hikikomori. She has been afraid that she will not survive spiritually if she goes out of her house. She does not know that I will be with her and will give her strength wherever she goes. She has felt her only safety is by staying in her weekly meetings. She has forgotten how to relate and interact with people, and even with herself. All outside is darkness to her except for the light in her own room. But even in her own room the fire is dying and it seems her members and life itself are ebbing away. She can't understand way, and she does not realize she is depressed.

"How shall I help her? How shall I lure My bride out of her confinement?"

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