Monday, May 09, 2011

Feeling Outside

"Feeling Outside"

"Can you hear Me knocking? Can you hear Me wanting to share more with you than your programs will allow for? Can you hear Me longing to hear your voice?

"I stand at the door and knock; I wait for My children to give Me room to talk. I wait for them to want Me and for them to wait on Me. I wait with desire for intimate relationship with them.

"I want you for My bride! But who among you on earth would expect his bride to sit down for weekly lectures? Who would consider that to be 'intimacy' and the heart of a marriage? Who among you would want marriage to be programmed, with communication and interaction on a once-a-week schedule?

"I am waiting for you at your doors because I desire more than long-distance relationship with you. I did not tear the veil of the old temple and fill you with My Spirit in order for you to seek Me in the way of the old covenant. I did not name your body as My new temple in order for you to return to the shadows of seeking Me through rituals, forms, programs and weekly schedules.

"I am longing for you."

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