Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Lamb's Revelation

"I AM the testimony of Revelation.
I AM the spirit of the prophecy.
I am the Lamb who was slain,
who alone is worthy to open the scroll.
Yes, I am also the Lion of Judah,
but only by beholding Me as the Lamb who was slain
will you be able to see Me opening the scroll.
Only by following Me as the Lamb
will you be shepherded through the end times.
Only by knowing Me as the Lamb
will you understand what My Kingdom and dominion are all about,
and what they are not.

"My death and resurrection are not a halfway point in history,
progressing from the beginning to the end;
rather My death and resurrection are the center of history,
by which both the past and the future are defined and oriented.
All that came before were shadows looking forward to the Cross,
and all that comes after are shadows looking back to the Cross.

"Behold the Lamb slain for the sins of the world!
Just as I was crucified naked
—laid bare before the world—
and just as the veil of the temple was torn in two
exposing the Most Holy Place,
so too the unveiling of the book of Revelation
is an unveiling of the Lamb
who was slain for the sins of the world.

"Keep your eyes fixed on the Lamb
who was crucified to take away the sin of the world,
and I will open your eyes to understand things
which have been sealed from understanding in ages past—
because the time for understanding is drawing near.
Those who look to and follow the Lamb that was slain
will gain understanding. But everyone will stumble who
looks for an earthly kingdom, an earthly country,
an earthly Jerusalem, an earthly battle,
an earthly victory, and an earthly rest.

"Look upon Me—the Lamb who was crucified—and know My heart
for you, for your neighbor, and for your enemies.
I went to the Cross because I loved each and every one of you,
and I desire you for My eternal inheritance, for My bride.
I will draw all people to Myself through the Cross—
there is no other message, revelation or way to draw people to Me."


See also: "Lamb Power" (by Hazel Holland)
Art: "Crucifixus"

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