Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Done Unto Me"

"To the Church:

"The nation of Israel is in rebellion against Me.
She has sought to establish herself apart from Me,
destroying her enemies whom I died for,
as well as her own children.
Therefore she has not known peace,
neither inside nor outside.

"Woe! Woe! for the end of her ways is not peace!
Woe! for she has abandoned My calling
to love her neighbors and be a blessing to them!
Woe! for she sheds blood to establish her land!
Woe! for her treasures and her heart are below!
Woe! for I am not the God she seeks!

"My people, why would you join in her rebellion against Me?
Why would you assist in her suicide rather than prevent it?
Are her sins less deadly because they are of the circumcision?
What have the prophets testified in Scripture of this?

"Israel is My inheritance,
as is Palestine, Syria, Jordan,
Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia
and the nations beyond.

"When you hurt one another, you hurt Me.
When you attack one another, you attack Me.
Whatever you have done to the least of these,
you have done to Me."


Art: "Inflicted"

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