Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mark of the Beast

"All things are coming to the end, and I desire for you to know My heart about things to come. I am not saying I will tell you how events will appear, but I am saying to listen to My Spirit. Knowing My Spirit—My heart—will be enough for you.

"I have revealed My heart to you on the Cross: I am love—agape love. You were My enemies, but I loved you and gave Jesus for you. My heart and Kingdom are revealed to you not in power, might, dominion, control, authority or law, but in Christ crucified in weakness for the sins of My enemies.

"The Mark of the Beast to come is the characteristic of its heart: absence of My agape love, and antagonism towards My heart of agape love. If you know My heart of agape love, you will know the Beast regardless of its appearance.

"My power follows and flows out of My agape love, but the heart of the Beast is power alone. The beast will seek power and dominion in the name of winning peace and working righteousness, and signs of supernatural power will be displayed as proof of its blasphemous claims. Many who have sought Me only for My power will taken in by the Beast, for although they professed My name, they did not know My heart of agape love.

"Your heart's response to the Beast is more important than the outward appearance of things: Will you be marked in your mind by agreeing with the heart of the Beast, or will you feign agreement but be marked in the works of your hands given to the Beast? Or, instead of these, will you suffer persecution as Christ did because of My agape love?"

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