Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guarded Through Tribulation

"Do not be afraid: I hold you in the palm
of My hand and no one can snatch you out.
Nothing can separate you from My love—
neither death, disaster, nor tribulation.

I told you that you would have tribulation in this world,
but that I would never give you more than you could bear.
Indeed I have promised to go through fire and water with you,
and that in times of trouble I will shelter you under My wings.

So take heart!
You shall go through the tribulation
but it shall not overcome you;
you will live because I live.

You shall see My wrath
but it will not touch you—
haven't I promised that
you will not come into judgment?

Do not be afraid,
but let My perfect love
cast out your fear
of tribulation."


Art: "Through Tribulation"

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