Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Call and I Will Answer"

"Call and I Will Answer"

"I am He who was and is and is to come,
I am the Lord."

I am the First and the Last,
the Alpha and the Omega."

"I am the Beginning and the End,
and behold, I am drawing near!"

"I have spoken,
and as I have spoken it shall come to pass."

"Call out to Me for understanding,
and I will open up My heart you:
What has been sealed in ages past shall be understood,
what has been hidden shall be revealed,
what has been veiled shall be uncovered,
what has been unknown shall be known,
and what has been unfulfilled shall be fulfilled."

"Call upon Me,
and I will teach you what generations past
searched out but could not find,
what saints longed to see,
but has been kept for your eyes."

"You know in part,
but the Whole draws near.
I am the Whole,
in Whom all is complete,
and accomplished."

"When I come,
all shall be finished,
for I am the End."

"Call upon Me,
and I shall confirm My testimony in you;
the testimony of the Father
given in the Son
revealed by the Holy Spirit
of the goodness of My grace to you
poured out in the blood of My Son
upon the Cross for your sins
risen on the third day
ascended to the throne
"Behold, My testimony has already been given
and is complete in My Son.
Call out to Me for understanding,
and you shall see
with ever-increasing understanding and glory
that My heart has fully been revealed
in My Son
crucified for you
raised victorious
seated in glory."

"I do not call you to a map,
I do not call you to a sequence of events,
I do not call you to politics,
I do not call you to watch the nations,
I do not call you to contest for land,
I do not call you to fight for your rights,
I do not call you to secret knowledge."

"But instead I call you to what is revealed:
"I call you to My Son
I call you to My heart
I call you to listen to My Spirit
I call you to take up your cross
I call you to speak My word
I call you to intercede for peoples and nations
I call you to lay down your life
I call you to love your enemies
Even as I have loved you."
"Do not be distracted from My gospel,
do not depart from My heart of agape love,
and do not be afraid,
for I am with you."


See also: "Revelation Prologue" (art link) and "Revelation 1: Prologue" (Study)

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