Wednesday, May 11, 2011


"Your 'rights' are an abomination in My sight when you worship them
rather than obey My command to love one another as I have loved you.
You have credited your blessings to your pursuit of your rights,
and you have pursued your rights more than you have pursued what I value.

"My fruit is eternal, but your enjoyment of your rights is temporary.
I called you to an everlasting inheritance,
but you in your rights you have chosen perishable things.
Your devotion to your rights is choking your good fruit,
and you cannot see the difference between what is rooted in Me
and what is rooted in your idolatry.

"I will uproot your rights so that your roots
may be strengthened and that fruit may come forth.
If you put your roots in Me, you will find everlasting fruit.
But if you give yourself to re-securing your rights,
you will have neither your rights nor security,
and will see only the darkness of the night
that is coming upon the earth."

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